Perfecting Sustainability

Waste to energy creates a circular waste stream by which materials created from fossil fuels are used as an alternative energy source themselves.  This reduces the reliance on fossil fuel and responsibly re-purposes medical waste that otherwise would go to landfill for future generations to discover.


Medical Device Reprocessing

Device reprocessing is a pillar of sustainability in healthcare, propagating both economic and environmental value. Eventually reprocessed devices will reach end of life and must be discarded. Vanguard’s thermal treatment technology accelerates fulfillment of the reduce, reuse and recycle paradigm.

Permanence to purpose

Only waste to energy eliminates the permanence of waste as material is converted into electricity.  This not only reduces our consumption of fossil fuel but also eliminates the ecological impacts of filling our earth with waste. 

Economic Necessity

The negative externalities of waste generation will eventually outweigh the "out of sight out of mind" thinking associated with current landfill expansion.  As individuals, communities and societies we must continue to advance and innovate in sustainability to protect our natural resources and ourselves.